Gabriel Cole Videos and Bio


I am a second-generation Vermont Glassblower. As a boy, I watched my father blow glass and I helped him in his glassblowing studio in Marshfield, Vermont. At twenty years old, I got my first glassblowing job at the world renown crystal glass factory, Simon Pearce. There I worked my way to becoming a team leader of glass makers. After eight years honing and refining my skills as a production glassblower, I left to pursue my own line of glass. I traveled the country studying glass and visiting numerous art glass studios, which were all quite different than the factory setting I had grown accustomed too. In August of 2000 I built my own hot glass studio in my barn in Williamstown, Vermont. I began experimenting and creating pieces of art glass that I thought were appealing and that demonstrated a mastery of the craft. Over the years my line of glassware has developed into what is now called Gabriel Glass.

The skills and techniques I use making my art glass combine ancient glass blowing methods with modern materials, resulting in a product of superior craftsmanship and quality. I gather molten glass onto a four foot long steel blow pipe. After the gather, I bring the molten glass to my workbench where I work quickly with wooden and metal tools. I shape the molten glass with wet newspaper and blow into the pipe with a rapid and methodical rhythm while it transforms from a liquid to a solid state. I add color to each piece individually as it is made, and then encase that colored layer in pure crystal for optimum clarity and brilliance. I design by evolution and every piece is a work in progress. My pieces are continuously made and refined, and over time they evolve into something new and fresh while maintaining the original concept. I aspire to bridge the gap between art and craft, form and function. My goal is to combine free-spirited artistry with meticulous craftsmanship to create my best work. Within that, I respect the individuality of every piece I create and cherish the unique look and feel of quality hand made glass.


In January of 2015, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. I have  fought through a very difficult year, overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and two surgeries. Through it all I have been so fortunate for the friends and family that have helped me in ways that show how much they truly care.  I am still regaining my strength and stamina, and I will continue to work towards a full recovery. With all the support I have received there is no way I can lose! I continue to feel blessed everyday, and my promise is to continue my commitment to quality hand blown glass made in my barn in Vermont. Therefore I am extremely proud to announce, that as of March 1, 2016, I will be back in my studio creating the art glass that defines me as a person and encapsulates my way of expression.